Broken Tooth

While human teeth are extremely strong, they could crack, fracture or break in certain situations, possibly leading to severe pain and susceptibility to infections. To improve your chances of saving the tooth, early assessment and prompt treatment are very important.

In most situations, we can provide you with a dental solution that is durable, cost-effective and long-lasting. Our dentist will examine your broken tooth and recommend the best procedure that will help restore your smile and dental health.

What  Can Lead To Tooth Fracture?

Teeth can become broken, cracked or fractured from:

  • Dental decay (tooth cavity)
  • Excessive daily wear (teeth grinding)
  • Sporting injury
  • Dental trauma (eg. From motoring accidents, falls, assault)
  • Biting down on a hard food/object
  • Large fillings which weaken the tooth
  • Age

The reasons why teeth get broken are numerous, but only a dental professional can evaluate the extent of damage and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Recommended Dental Procedures For A Broken Tooth:

  • Bonding – With the current technology in resin composite (white filling) restorative materials and bonding techniques, our dentists can directly repair the broken part of the tooth. This method will match the natural shape and color of your tooth, and under ideal conditions can last for a long time but this can depend on the extent and position of the defect.
  • Crowns – An artificial crown is a very strong layer that covers the entire visible surface of a tooth.  This protects the weakened underlying dental structure and restores its function and natural appearance. Crowns are often the most recommended option for severely compromised teeth because their effectiveness and durability have been very well documented.
  • Veneers – For front teeth where appearance is most important, porcelain veneers provide the most natural and long-lasting results.

Our dentists at Henry Street Dental Care are very experienced in treating broken teeth and can work with you to come up with the best solution for your specific case.

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