Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

Dental Benefits For Your Child

About The CDBS Benefit

The Australian Government has provided up to $1000 over two calendar years for each eligible child’s dental care. We at Henry Street Dental Care are proud to take part in Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule, and this means we can bulk bill for your child’s treatment.

Is your child eligible?

Families with children aged 2-17 may be eligible to claim the government-funded Child Dental Benefits Schedule. The CDBS has a means test, which requires the receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment. If children are eligible, they receive up to $1000 over two calendar years for preventative and restorative dentistry. This can be confirmed by contacting Medicare on 132 011 or through their website.

Dental services covered

Dental examinations are fully covered, as well as treatments such as:

There are some restrictions for some services. We will advise you before we begin any work if there are any time or item restrictions applicable to your child’s treatment.

The CDBS scheme also does not cover the following:

How does it work?

The 2-year period begins at the start of the calendar year in which your child either becomes eligible or receives their first dental service. You may use the full amount during the first year, leaving no funds available for the second year. In the event that you don’t utilise $1000 in the first year, you may utilise the balance in the second year as long as your child remains eligible.

If you don’t use the full amount in the 2 years, you’ll have to wait for a new 2-year period to begin.

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