Dental Crowns and Bridges in Highett

Restoring Your Smile

When to Consider Dental Crowns?

For teeth that are weakened or broken, a dental crown is often the preferred and most effective way to restore the tooth and protect it long term. In addition, dental bridges may be used to replace missing teeth. Here at Henry Street Dental Care, we use custom-made crowns and bridges in Highett that are quality checked to meet our high Australian manufacturing standards.

What is a Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is often fabricated from porcelain and/or metal alloy. Porcelain is made to match the natural appearance of the tooth. Metal alloy, meanwhile, is used for its inherent strength and durability. They are designed according to your unique dental specification to ensure that it looks natural and feels comfortable in the mouth.

Why would I need a Dental Crowns?

Sometimes a tooth can be damaged to the extent that its strength is compromised, such as when there is a large filling in the tooth. This can cause deflection and stresses on the remaining tooth structure as the filling expands and contracts due to biting forces.

Another reason is that you may have had a root canal treatment. This may lead to drying of the tooth, causing it to become more brittle, prone to fracture, and discoloration.

Your dentist may also recommend a crown when a tooth is fractured or cracked. A dental crown can hold it together and prevent further tooth loss. A crown may also be your best option if you are unable to achieve the look you desire with other methods.

What is a Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a way of restoring your smile when a tooth is missing.

We often recommend a bridge for patients who have lost a tooth, leaving a space with teeth on either side.

Our Highett dentists can bridge this gap by placing dental crowns on the teeth on either side and connecting a false tooth to the crowns.

Benefits of a Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can:

Why do we recommend crowns & bridges?

We recommend crowns and bridges to:

We offer the highest quality dental bridges and dental crowns in Highett to give you a smile that is like new again. To schedule an appointment, contact Henry Street Dental Care today.

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