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What is there not to adore about the suburb of Moorabbin?

This quaint residential and commercial suburb, just a short trip away from Melbourne’s Central Business District, makes for an ideal place to raise your family or establish your business. It has everything one could need and always more to offer!! And this satisfaction can be seen in your dazzling smile.

Your smile is the first thing most people notice, and it deserves to be looked after by a dentist that you can trust. We have a proven track record of providing tailored services all over Moorabbin with no hidden costs. So, why not let our dentist take care of you near Moorabbin?

Henry Street Dental Care is one of the most trusted dental clinics near Moorabbin. We are a team of an exceptional group of professionals who take pride in high-quality treatments and create an environment where relaxation meets rehabilitation, and that makes our dental practice special!

Ultimate Oral Hygiene at Moorabbin Dental Clinic

At Henry Street Dental Care, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatment options, from tooth whitening and tooth coloured fillings to full mouth reconstruction with dental implants. Our team focuses on offering the best possible care, consultation and treatments for you. Our services include:

When it comes to dental health, there is no such thing as too much protection. At Henry Street Dental Care, we understand this and offer accurately customised services so that you can enjoy your moment without being afraid of the dentist or missing out on important milestones in life like braces for perfect smiles! We provide a complete oral makeover with a range of treatments, such as;

Smile Makeover with Family Dentist Moorabbin

We are a family dentist near Moorabbin that offers transparency and affordability across all treatments. We find it our privilege to bring smiles and alleviate anxiety associated with visiting dentists for kids and adults alike! Our team is dedicated to providing excellence in dental care for your entire family.

Whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry to give your teeth time-saving makeovers or if you need an emergency dentist appointment to address toothaches and other oral health issues, we have the expertise and technology to care for your mouth. We’re committed to providing excellent dental care at an affordable price. Ensure your Oral hygiene with us at contact@henrydentalcare.com.au

An Experienced Dentist Never Gets On Your Nerves!

For a Hassle-Free Way To an Affordable Smile, Book Online.

*Get the dental treatment you need with payment plans we offer: National Dental Plan Or Zip money

Quality Dental care services in a relaxed environment

With over 50 years of trust built with the families in Moorabbin, our compassionate & friendly team at Henry Street Dental Care will help you feel at home.

Our trusted team live, work and play in the bayside area and loves nothing more than helping their local community with top most dental care. Our priority is that every patient in local community of Moorabbin is treated carefully with special attention to their comfort, their time, & their needs.

Same Day Emergency Appointment is also available for Moorabbin residents at Henry Street Dental Care.

Our Highly Experienced and qualified team can help you in providing long lasting care at affordable prices with after hour appointment in Melbourne.


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