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Family dentistry in Highett provides a child with dental care from infancy through adulthood. This allows the dentist to keep records of their needs and treatments while also allowing everyone in your family access to one location for prompt attention whenever it’s needed.

Family Dentistry for kids in Highett

Family dentistry in Melbourne

The family dental clinic will work with children and adolescents to teach them about proper brushing techniques and nutrition for healthy teeth and gums. It’s important that parents understand the importance of good oral hygiene habits so they can help guide their children into adulthood with strong teeth and gums!

Family dental clinics often offer a wide range of services for the whole family, from children to seniors. Services include basic cleaning and more complex procedures such as:

Your dental health is important, and it’s a good idea for you or your child to have cleanings and checkups with their dentist every six months. That way, they can monitor oral hygiene levels as well as find any issues before symptoms become more serious.

It’s essential to take care of your teeth, so they don’t turn into cavities. Our dentists Highett at Henry Street Dental Care can identify and treat early signs of cavity formation with fillings, root canal therapy or extractions as necessary!

Gum disease is a very common condition in adults. We use procedures like deep cleansings, gum flap surgery and antibiotics to deal with it effectively.

Dental professionals sometimes recommend fluoride and fissure sealants to help combat cavities. The procedure is often used in children who are prone to developing them, making these products an important part of your child’s dental health regimen.

We offer consultations and treatments for orthodontic problems. We will work with you to find a course of action tailored specifically towards your needs that’s going to be as effective, pain-free and efficient.

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Henry Street Dental Care - We Help You Achieve Healthy Teeth And Gums

Family dentistry in Highett has a gentle approach so that children will develop positive associations with family dental care and build good oral hygiene habits for life.

At our practice, we work towards:

  • Ensuring your child leaves smiling after each appointment
  • Feel confident knowing they’re getting cleanings on time along with any treatment they need, while being absolutely painless

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