Sports Dentistry in Highett

As an Investment in Both Injury Prevention and Support for Your Wellbeing

Sports Dentistry in Highett for the Champions in You!

Sports Dentistry is a growing field of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, assessment and treatment of sports-related oral issues. These include injuries such as tooth decay or jaw soreness that can occur from playing too many hours each week without adequate rest in between games and general injuries from training and field activities.

Sports-related dental problems can be prevented with proper care from an experienced dentist at Henry Street Dental Care. Sports Dentistry is about more than just a mouth guard to protect against sports-related dental damage. It includes varied issues relating to oral health and wellness for all kinds of athletes.

Why Sports Dentistry is Important for Your Health

The benefits of sports dentistry are two-fold: it helps prevent injuries and supports your wellbeing to continue delivering peak performance. We offer a comprehensive prevention-focused dental plan at Henry Street Dental care, perfect for all sporting competition and training levels.

In addition, sports dentistry can significantly reduce the risk of injury and support your wellbeing. Consider investing in sports dental treatment today for positive benefits from sports activities for a happy, healthy life!

Prevent Injury and Enjoy Peak Performance with Sports Dentistry

Preventing injuries can be difficult, especially in athletics. However, with the right gear and dental care, athletes are able to take their performance to the next level. Here’s how we help our athletes to avoid dental emergencies:

Dental Screening

An important step in preventing and treating sports-related injuries, a pre-season dental screening will assess your current oral health so that any conditions can be treated before they worsen or increase in severity. Our dentists always ensure to conduct a thorough dental screening before recommending any dental treatment.

Sports Diet

Sports-related dietary advice is important to manage hydration levels without compromising oral health or performance outcomes. Some hydration strategies may compromise oral health or an athlete’s ability to focus during their workout routine. Our team of dental professionals will offer the best way for athletes to avoid dental emergencies.

Mouthguards in Highett

It’s important to use a mouthguard when playing sports because it will protect your teeth from injuries. They are a good way to protect your teeth from getting damaged.

Sports Dentistry
  • Professional mouthguards are custom-made to fit your teeth and gums perfectly.
  • The durable material absorbs high impact forces, so they don’t have to hurt their tongue by biting down hard on something with sharp edges; plus, non-warping means no sagging after wearing for an extended period of time!
  • They’re essential because they cushion the impact of various sports, absorbing high-impact force while not warping so you can stay safe in all activities! We offer custom mouthguards for different activities and dental implants.

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Get the Most Out of your Active Lifestyle with Sports Dentistry

The next time you’re feeling anxious about your oral health, don’t let it get in the way of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sports dentistry is an emerging specialty area within dentistry that focuses on preventative care during athletic competition and restorative treatment following injury or trauma sustained while playing sports.

It includes many different issues relating to sports-related dental damage, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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