Will my dental insurance roll over into next year?

Have you used all of your dental insurance benefits in 2022? At Henry Street Dental Care in Highett, we want to help you get the most out of your dental insurance. Utilising your dental benefits will help you maintain your dental health. At our cost effective dental service in Highett, we want you to have your dream smile!

When does dental insurance end?

Health insurance resets annually, with most dental insurance benefits resetting on January 1st. While most dental benefit plans in Highett renew on January 1, this is not the case for all health insurance providers. We recommend going directly to your health insurance provider to find out when your health insurance ends.

The best way to use your dental benefit plan.

  • Understand your plan

Before your dental benefit plan ends, find out what you are eligible for. Contact your health insurance provider to figure out what treatments you have left in your plan.

  • Schedule regular visits

While it may be too late this year, you should visit your dentist at Henry Street Dental at least every six months. We place emphasis on preventative dentistry, and dental insurance benefits generally provide the greatest benefit over multiple visits. 

  • Assess your health insurance annually

Most people don’t know what they’re covered for until they need to make a claim. We suggest re-assessing your cover before it renews. Make sure that your insurance plan suits your needs, and you can plan ahead for those perky waiting periods!

What if my dental insurance benefits don’t cover the treatment I need?

If you require treatment that falls outside of your dental insurance benefits, we offer payment plans at Henry Street Dental. We believe maintaining your dental health should be accessible to and financially manageable for everyone, so get in touch today to discuss your options.

Visit our affordable dentist in Highett to make the most of your remaining plan benefits before they run out. To discuss how best to use the remainder of your dental insurance benefits, call us on (03) 9553 1675 or book an appointment with us online.