Oral Health – Tips and Techniques

Oral health - tips and techniques for looking after your teeth between dental visits

Who doesn't love the feeling of a clean mouth right after visiting the dentist's office?

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Why does my jaws ache?

There are a number of possible causes of an aching jaw. Until the problem causing the pain is corrected, jaw ache can cause make it difficult to chew or drink. Severe jaw pain

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Dear Patients, COVID-19 has been a very difficult time for all of us. Many of you have been forced to wait for dental care, and we

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5 important things you can do for your children's teeth

Good dental care starts in childhood. When you make sure that your children’s teeth are taken care of, their risk of developing

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Crowns - what you need to know

A dental crown is essentially a cap used to cover weak, decayed or broken teeth. If you have a tooth that is decayed to the point of cracking or breaking, a dental crown

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Wisdom teeth - The facts

Here are some of the facts that you should be aware of regarding wisdom teeth; Fact #1 Wisdom teeth are the last of the permanent teeth to erupt. They are also called third

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Handling a dental emergency

Dental emergencies do happen. Despite being careful with your teeth, mishaps and accidents can happen. Therefore, it is important to be aware of some

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At Henry Street Dental Care, we consider the safety and health of our patients and staff as our utmost priority. Given the current global COVID-19 pandemic

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Should I be worried about my amalgam fillings?

In today’s Internet age, with a seemingly infinite amount of information available, it sometimes seems harder than ever to find

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